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Dec 11, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Access to node of Element



i've got a problem with the access to nodes of elements...

working situation

Qualifications_1 have cardinality 0..n and Skill_2 0..1

Qualifications_1 has childNode Skill_2

IQualifications_1Element qualification = wdContext.createAndAddQualifications_1Element();

ISkill_2Element skill = qualification.nodeSkill_2().createAndAddSkill_2Element();

not working situation

This is the same situation like above.

This situation was working too... till i refreshed the context-bindings....

Licenses have cardinality 0..n and ItelligencePackage 0..1

Licenses has childNode ItelligencePackage

ILicensesElement license = wdContext.createAndAddLicensesElement();

IItelligencePackageElement itelliPackage = license.nodeItelligencePackage().createAndAddItelligencePackageElement();

Where can be the difference?

Thanks for answer