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Dec 11, 2013 at 08:00 PM

Exchange Rate Determination at Order Item Condition Detail



Exchange rate type 'RR' is maintained in customer master and while creating order it is bringing the correct value which is maintained in OB08 to the order filed VBKD-KURSK (Exchange Rate for Price Determination) but when I see at the item level with condition type details KOMV-KKURS (Condition exchange rate for conversion to local currency) it is bringing some 'R1' exchange rate from OB08.

In OB08 'R1' value is maintained in Direct Quoted Exchange Rate column.

I am not able to understand from where and how system is driving KOMV-KKURS value i.e. on what basis 'R1' from OB08. Is there any settings in the system for this or any exit or FM in the system.

Will appreciate answers.

Thank you,