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Dec 11, 2013 at 07:11 PM

Quick Create in a custom screen


Hi 😎

I have a custom tab named "Technical" in the Opportunity. In this tab, I have 3 AdvancedPaneList with add buttons.

I'm trying to link these button on a custom quick create, called Special Release.

I created Bo_Opp_Technical and add a dummy element just to enhance screens. But I need to know how to make an association to Bo_Opp_SpecialRelease.

In the button properties, QuickCreate is set in Semantic option,

Associated ThingTypeContainer is set to stratucture (not binded yet in datamodel)

Outport to QuickCreate is set to ToSpecialReleaseCreateOut outport

And the option Quick Create Inport?

OBN Navigation, Outport and event handler seens to be OK.

Outport, what is need to bind?



OWL.png (45.2 kB)
BUTTON_OPTIONS.png (47.6 kB)
OBN_NAVIGATION.png (63.5 kB)
OUTPORT.png (66.1 kB)
EVENT_HANDLER.png (59.9 kB)