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Dec 11, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Child component quantity default value during 543



I have a question about why, during goods receipt with reference to Scheduling Agreement (SA), the defaulted quantity for the components appear in the system is not following BOM quantity ratio.


  1. The relationship between the parent (#0001062) and child (#02210349) in the BOM is 1 to 1.
  2. There are 40pcs of component stocks already available and reside at subcontractor location (see black square box below).

  3. The following is the SA in which I will use to perform the GRN.

    MIGO-GRN of 40pcs on parent material #0001062 was key into at item detail level, however, the system automatically derive a 20pcs (by default, I didn’t enter it) for child material #02210349.

Question 1:

Given that the ratio between the child and parent material is 1 to 1 on the BOM, and there are 40pcs of child components stocks available at subcontractor premises, why system not propose 40pcs for the child components, but 20pcs? Where are those 20pcs coming from? Is it because system derived the 20pcs from 13.11.2013 till 04.12.2013 as show on figure at no. 2 (i.e. red rectangular box)? If this is true, what is the rational, I think it is wrong, it should be 40.

The following is MD04 for the child.

Question 2:

Furthermore, system even allow (i.e. not showing error red message but green color), when I changed the 40pcs to 45pcs for the child component #02210349 even though in MBLB report stated very clear that only 40pcs of UU stock is at the subcontract site. System should give an error message when I hits check button in this scenario, shouldn't it?




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