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Dec 11, 2013 at 02:56 PM

Entering Blob into HANA problem


I am trying to store an image in a HANA table i have created. I do a simple insert statement like this



'89504e47 0d0a1a0a 0000000d 49484452 00000028 00000019 08060000 0043d86c 65000000 1c69444f 54000000 02000000 00000000 0d000000 28000000 0d000000 0c000001 d082c4fd c4000001 9c494441 54480dcc 94d96ac2 4018467d 47dfae17 2d14db2a 2e710135 71a5d516 2ae24d5b 3131891a a3316671 a95410f9 3a913a88 553bbdcb c5210b73 fe9c1026 81603008 3f13f0e2 b6dbad2f f1da7681 9bcd067e 8406aed7 6bf8111a b85aade0 4768e062 b1801fa1 81aeebe2 3fd8b60d 2ec93139 e94c1a8e e330ad3d 6ea081d3 e914ac74 3a1d24d3 0964f90c 93737d73 85d0dd2d 64b9cbb4 feb08306 8ec763b0 50ae9451 7d2ac174 7414ca39 26a75012 603b1692 a9042ad5 3293b36f a1819aa6 e112b22c 23168fe2 adddc2c8 ec439ff4 20947217 9dfdbc62 89277f88 2f2c970b 345baf08 471ea028 0a934b03 5555c539 eacf75f2 49e3188c e41d7dbd 8be15885 50cc9e75 0e67158b 792c3fc9 265cce31 9bbb180c 55f2b211 d4ebb53f 7d1a2849 128e1145 115c8a43 ede51103 5d86aa89 90fb1d28 0463aa83 2f647f39 c733bc6b 5ec8c39d 914d32b3 61bb162c c7c4c41c ede626b8 18bce79c f2bc7b34 b0dd6ee3 9066b389 48340c51 79476fd8 dd8549ca 07d48104 63a2c3b4 0ce449e0 a173ee9c 1772b06c f387090c 12a71b1a 390ed1ed 89b80f87 d068344e cef202bf 010000ff ffec4636 fb000001 98494441 54cd92db 4ec24014 45f9477e 0c899a88 2612a558 2f84881d 5ba63144 4804c1d0 072289dc 2f2d96ca 4d6a226f db191326 2a88f5ad 0fab33ed 9c7d6625 3d816030 884aa5f2 8d42a100 e9e4188d 4e0db663 c2b2fb6c 1d60341e 329c4fd2 54fd96f9 d963f9ae ea04cec8 863db4d0 eed5516f 55d1ec3e a1633650 6b3d423e 8ba3582c aeedc5dd 02fc6118 c60ae572 1927b284 dcdd2d86 5c6ee260 3c1d613a 1b3326d0 d2ea4a66 5d1f8d12 d82f165a 4c8a8bb5 fb35f4ac 26b2acaf 7c2a83df b32ec7bf 09c152a9 84df2044 61a231f4 cc3666af 53ccdd57 b86f7350 7afd6be6 6b2f952a 309fdbe8 5a0df406 cd4fce13 32c835f9 332f04f3 f93c3691 cd66b17f 10c18371 0fd79d63 b17807ff c59b32cb 332e680d 3b18385d 54aa6544 a387e0fd 96e79b56 2198cbe5 e005291e c3f9858c f164048d 097ac9a8 e9149c89 05fd4685 146723e3 f12e5e27 0433990c bca22857 d8de0d63 2fb2e329 73a92470 741c452a 95f254ff d54308ea ba8eff40 2945281c f294096d 85d8bc52 4fb53f1d 84a0a669 f0234290 10023f22 04f97cf8 1121984c 26e14784 20dff895 0fc52fe9 b70c48fc 31000000 0049454e 44ae4260 82'

,631,'binarytest2' ;

but when i look at the data preview of the table the Binary code is changed.

I also tried doing this insert by calling a Stored Procedure from an Ipad app and the same thing happened.

Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or why this is happening?