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Dec 11, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Issuing Batch Managed Components to Order for Serialized Product


Dear All,

We plan to use Serial Profile for our Finished Product that will have BOM comprising of Batch managed components.

As a process we will create a production order and serial number will get generated on the release of this order. Next we issue components to this order using MB1A or MIGO. Sometime we will have two or more batch number of a specific component issued to the same production order, as one batch is not sufficient to make the entire qty of production order. In MB1A or MIGO there is no place/field where we can link the batch number of components to the serial number of FG. So my query is how do I know what batch number was consumed in which serial number or which serial number is made up of which batch number.

Example: Production order 1000801 was created for 100pcs of a FG and two batches 0000011001 (80pcs) and 0000011002 (20pcs) were consumed while making the FG (100pcs). Now we get one serial number of this FG back as faulty one and we identify that this batch managed component is giving trouble. Now the question arises...

1. How to find out which batch number, of the two batch numbers, is giving problem. Please note that the individual components will not have batch number printed on it as these components are very small, its the complete reel that has batch number printed.

2. Even if somehow I am able to find out the batch number, then the next question will be how to find out the Serial Numbers (of FG) in which this batch number was used

Thank you in advance...