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Dec 11, 2013 at 08:13 AM

BPC75NW existing Comments with NewDimension


Hi experts,

i would like you to share your experince concerning Comments, when a new Dimension has to be included in a Application.

We have searched for OSS notes or other documentation but with no success.

We have an Application with comments stored in generated tables (tech name COMMENT:/1CPMB/LMWUJCMT, COMMENT_ARCHIVE:/1CPMB/LMWUJCMTA).

We have added a new Dimension (let's say "NewDim"): existing Transactional were filled with the first base member of Dimension "Fornitore".

But what does happen to existing comments?

Are they referred to the first base member of Dimension "Fornitore", as transactional Data?

Or are they going to be lost without any warning or message?

Thanks in advance