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Dec 11, 2013 at 07:54 AM

Partial write-back of depreciation for one asset



I have a situation where in depreciation run has been executed for an asset capitalized in last period.However,capitalization has happened at wrong amount.


  1. For an internal order,settlement has happened from AUC to final asset at eg. $9000 in place of $4500 as invoice booking happened erroneously by assigning order# for line item which was not to be capitalized(but to be expensed)
  2. Due to this asset value shows as $9000 which should be $4500
  3. Above settlement of AUC to final asset happened in last period and dep run has also been executed for last period.Thus the asset has depreciated in excess(as dep base for asset considered as $9000 in place of $4500)


  1. The depreciation posting for Nov’13 for ONLY this asset needs to be revised to ensure that dep shows in system based on correct capitalization amount.i.e Partial write-back of depreciation needs to be done
  2. I tried using ABZU,but since this asset is capitalized in the current year,its giving an error.I understand ABZU only works if asset is capitalized in previous year/s

Has anyone encountered similar situation or has solution/workaround by which possibly all of the following can be addressed-

  1. Depreciation for this asset in question shows correct for last period
  2. It would be great if we can have a way out which does not involve disturbing sound SAP practices.i.e I understand there may be workarounds by which recon indicator can be altered for Accum dep GL etc,but this would not be the best way

Eagerly awaiting suggestions!!

Thank you,