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Dec 11, 2013 at 06:54 AM

SU21 create authorisation object issues



I created a transaction with 6 main functionalities (pushbuttons). It is still all part of one program, but execution must be limited with authorisations. How and who should be creating authorisation objects for me to incorporate in my code e.g. per pushbutton AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT?

I spoke to the Authorisations team and they say that I must create these objects and they'll just assign it to a role. Is this correct? I started creating the object just to see if it is possible, but get stuck with adding Authorisation Field. I don't know what to put in here? What I'd like to happen is that a Authorisation Object is created per button and assigned to specific users. Then when they push a button, AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT will see in their profile if they have that object. If they do, my program will continue, else just give error message and stop.

I've attached an image of where my problem in creating the auth object is.