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Dec 11, 2013 at 01:04 AM

How to show the value of an object as a link to an external website



We are on BI platform 4.0,

I have an object called ItemID, It has a number that identifies the article in the system. I want to show it as a hyperlink to an external websites, i.e. clicking on it should take the user to the external website with the value of the object plugged into the link appropriately.

E.g. the Item ID could have a value like 1000. If a user uses this object in a web intelligence document I would want to see the ID 1000 as a link and clicking it should open a browser window for the following URL -

Can I use the Display as HTML or Display as Hyperlink object property in the Information Design Tool to set this up, I can't seem to get it working. There is no description of this feature in the manual either.

Also, what are the exact steps to do this in a WEBI document ? I tried the create link method but its not opening up the browser, could someone dumb down the steps for me,

I was hoping I could set it up in the IDT instead of the WEBI documents so that users who create their own WEBI docs would get the linked object all set up and ready to be used rather than do it over and over in each doc.

TIA, Sorry for the long post.