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Dec 10, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Business system ->Business component


Deal Experts -

We have 3 environments in our landscape (dev,quality and production). Each has got it's own SLD i.e. local SLD.

Unfortunately all the system are defined with the same name across the landscape. i.e. ECC system is defined as SYS_ECC in dev,qua and production.

For configuring CTS+ and to define transport path i believe the system names have to be defined with different name in each environment.

As it's not possible with the current configuration, we are planning to create business components(communication component as business service) instead of business systems which 'll avoid SLD check during transports even though objects have same name.

If we have to go with Business system, we have to delete the existing system and create new.

what is the ideal approach to follow.

I know it is silly to ask but just wanted to know if we go with business component approach, would there be any impact on licensing?(we are on CPU based licensing).

Thank you.