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Dec 10, 2013 at 03:36 PM

When MRP Runs, Wrongly creating Pln Order instead of Sch Lines


Hi Experts,

When MRP runs @ 2:15 AM with the below Parameters , some Planned orders are created ( it should not ) instead of Sch Lines.

Please let me know what is the reason of creation of Pln orders?

MRP Parameters:

Scope of Planning --> Blank

Plant XXXX

Processing Key NETCH

Create Pur Req 2

Schedule Lines 2

Create MRP List 1

Planning Mode 1

Scheduling 1

Check box Display material List UnTick

Check box Parallel Processing Tick

User Ext key : PRD

User exit parameters ICP PART

When I check MD16, there are 12 Pln Order created For Eg :

Material Number EXXXX

Planned Opening :12/09/2013

Order start :12/09/2013

Order finish :02/17/2014

QTY :5


Proc Type :F

Pln Order number : 6065650

Order Type :NB

In Material Master for EXXXX MRP1.

Base Unit of Measure EA each MRP group 001

Purchasing Group xxx ABC Indicator E

Plant-sp.matl status Valid from

MRP Type VB Manual reorder point planning

Reorder Point 3 Planning time fence 365

Planning cycle Blank MRP Controller xxx

GR Processing Time 5 days Planned Deliv. Time 70 days

Planning calendar Blank

SchedMargin key Blank

User is manually converting this pln Order to Schedule lines whenever it get created.

I did check some of the blogs and it says , Planned ord will get created instead of Sch lines when the requirement lies outside the opening period.

FOr this above Material where can I see whether the requirement lies outside the opening Period?

Please let me know if you need any more information in this regard.

Will reward pts.

With Regards,

Bala M