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Dec 10, 2013 at 02:50 PM

How to extend vertical lines in Smartform



1.I have designed a main window with some data, another window which has template having pattern which overwrites the main window so that the vertical lines would extend till the end of main window.

2. I also have Pricing data window which prints after the main window, before the footer window.

Point 1 would satisfy, if items are printing only on first page.But, If there are more line items, say which extends to 2nd page, then the space which Pricing data window is occupying will remain empty. I don't want to print the empty space ( after the main window ) on first page.The main window should extend till the footer window.

Page 1 : main window ( which should extend till footer window ) and Footer window should be printed

Page 2: main window, pricing data window, footer window.

How do I achieve the above requirement?