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Former Member
Dec 10, 2013 at 02:25 PM

Inspection Plan Migration strategy/methods


I have been through multiple iterations of loading inspection plans via the standard LSMW objects and I am still looking for an effective way to load inspection plans that have common inspection characteristics but different specifications and/or control indicators.

I have tried loading plan-specific specifications using preset indicators and updating the specifications directly in the creation load. This still causes the batch input to require running in display errors mode because when the indicators differ from the master inspection characteristics, SAP calls screens that have different field combinations than the batch input.

I have also tried loading all inspection plans with the same indicators, then doing recordings of QP02 for updating control indicators and specifications. This requires extracting data from PLMK so ensure that the correct records are selected in the recording, and multiple recordings to allow for the different screens that are called after changing indicators (for example, allowing for a screen with only an upper limit field then another recording allowing for a screen with an upper and lower limit). I don't consider this method stable at all. There are too many recording and too much manual data manipulation.

Does anyone have a good method for loading inspection plans with common characteristics but plan-specific specifications?