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Dec 10, 2013 at 12:17 PM

Parameters not passed in launch_transaction; transaction stop


Hi all,

I'm trying to call a report based transaction from the FPM object as follows:

ls_tra_lo-header_text = 'Log-in with your HR_ User!'.

ls_tra_lo-tcode = 'ZHR_XX_SSF_UPD_SYSTM'.

ls_tra_lo-pers_dialog = 'ZHR_XX_SSC_HCM_PF_UPD'. "'DIA_BUA_CCMONITOR'.

ls_tra_lo-variant = space.

ls_tra_lo-gui_type = 'WIN_GUI'. "just to test

ls_tra_lo-system_alias = 'HR-BSP'. "'ZHR_XX_SSC_HCM_PF_UPD'.

ls_parameter-key = 'PAPROCNR'.

ls_parameter-value = '900000000038'.

APPEND ls_parameter TO ls_tra_lo-parameter.

ls_add_param-skip_init_screen_if_possible = abap_true.

lo_navigate_to = mo_fpm->get_navigate_to( ).

CALL METHOD lo_navigate_to->launch_transaction


is_transaction_fields = ls_tra_lo

is_additional_parameters = ls_add_param


et_messages = lt_message

ev_error = lv_error.

Unfortunately, the parameters don't get passed to the selection screen of the report (they are in the generated URL). Furthermore while the first screen of the transaction is shown, after clicking on execute (F8) the transaction just stops and the empty shell of program SAPMSYST is being shown.

I have the impression that there might be a bug, at least in the parameters' passing.

Anyone had this problem? I would like to use it since it allows me to call in an internet explorer window the WinGui itself, not just the WEBGui.

Trying the code of this discussion it works, except that the parameter doesn't get passed with that code either.

Thanks a lot in advance, Ioan.