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Dec 10, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Assigning Agent to a ticket generated from Social Media Channel.


Hello Experts,

I have integrated a Facebook application with COD and am successfully able to communicate the Social Media Messages to and fro between two systems. However feature of Replying to the messages from COD to Facebook seems to be disabled since this status of the generated ticket is by default set to be Completed. So according to my understanding, If I am able to assign the tickets from Social Media Channel to an agent as soon as they are generated, their status would be set as In Process and remain enabled for further communication on the this ticket.

Please guide me for auto - Assigning these tickets to a particular agent, as soon as generated in COD. Also let me know if my understanding is wrong and help me setup the status of these tickets as In Process when they are generated till the time agent changes it to Completed manually.

Thanks in Advance.

- Chandan