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Dec 10, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Editing string fields via tile edit in detail screen (ipad)



i'm using a tile edit field in a detail screen set to be able to edit data within a detail screen.

This works for dropdown fields and bullets/checkboxes, but editing string values is not possible.

I'm referring to a transaction screen set from the tile edit field.

When I display this transaction screen separately (open it via a action button) editing the string field does work.

Is this a bug in the tile edit functionality or is some setting blocking the editing possibilities?

(Developping for ios7 on the latest agentry version.)

Also, string values are displayed like in this screen shot, not able to scroll, only by pushing the arrow on the right the view (and edit) screen is opened.

Anyone have a clue which setting is blocking "in progress" editing or viewing of string fields while the others work fine?


Untitled.png (41.9 kB)