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Dec 10, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Extracting the Quota data


HI Experts,

I'm doing an extraction for quota arrangement data by using EQUK ,EQUP and MARC tables for an idoc.

I have done well , got output too.

Now the problem is I'm cross chekcing the file data with Table data . Where i have not found any data based QUNUM- Field from both the tables EQUK, EQUP.

Actually table the field pre defined as CHAR .

While entering as inout field for tables it is not taking .

Ex: Qunum values :



SE11 Table EQUK /EQUP : field is not taking as same.

if we can give as 622985* as input in the table , then only im getting my record.

please suggest me how to over come this.

Thanks in Advance.