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Dec 10, 2013 at 10:30 AM

BPC 10.0: Transfering master data from BW infoObject to BPC dimension w/o data manager package


Hi everyone,

we have a web dynpro framework with which we are able to maintain the master data of BW infoObjects.

This also works with the generated BW infoObjects of BPC dimensions.

We only face the issue, that if we change the master data in the BW infoObjects from within the web dynpro framework, we are not able to see the adjustments in the BPC web administration and thus this is not available in the Excel add-in EPM.

However, if we change the master data from within the BPC web administration, the adjustments will directly be reflected in our web dynpro application.

Is there another step we have to include after we save the master data in the BW InfoObject?

Apparently, the BPC web administration is not recognizing the new master data although it is definitely available in the BW InfoObject.

I also activated the master data in the BW backend and I also used the "save and process" function for this dimension in the BPC web administration.

The adjusted master data was still not available.

Is there some sort of cache or another table from which the BPC web administration is reading the master data information?

We do not want to use the standard process chains for uploading master data.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your effort in advance.

Best Regards,

Benjamin Schweizer