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Dec 10, 2013 at 10:24 AM

IBAN field mandatory in vendor master record.


Hi Frds,

1.I have one new requirement regarding IBAN will make mandatroy field in vendor master record.But when i am checking OBD3 we don't have any field for IBAN only bank details field is there already we have that field mandatory.

2 . we can not make IBAN number mandatory in all vendor master record only some perticular vendor. we have 3 accouts group is there one for domestic,International and Employee vendor.Now i have to make IBAN number mandatory for doemstic vendor only.

3. FBZP we have the option for IBAN number mandatory,but we can not activate that option because all vendors(international) don't have the IBAN number.

For achiving this has any user exit or some othe option is there? Kindly advice for the same.

Adavance thaks for your reply.