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Dec 10, 2013 at 02:57 AM

Nested Decision Table Issue


Hi All,

I have a below scenario where in I will have a input like

- Japan Tomato 200.

Below is how my decision table setup looks like. The 'Item' condition has nested decision tables.

Based on the input i want the the BRF PLus to evalute Rule2 and further evaluate nested Decisoin table 'Vegie' to check if tomato belongs to Veggie and return result as 'WASI'.

The issue that i am facing is, when i try to activate the Main decision table, i get the error message that the 'Item' column must have a boolean result.

Is it possible using my approach?

Now i am guessing how to achieve this:

-> without boolegan

-> and With Boolegan

Main Descision Table Country Item Quantity Approver (Result) Rule1 Paris Fruits >1000 SAM Rule2 Japan Vegie >100 Wasi Rule3 Spain DryFruits >500 Mike Sub Decision Table - Fruits Item Item Group (Result) Apple Fruits Banana Fruits grapes Fruits Sub Decision Table - Veggie Item Item Group (Result) tomato Veggie potato Veggie onion Veggie Sub Decision Table - DryFruits Item Item Group (Result) dates DryFruits almond DryFruits cashew DryFruits