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Dec 09, 2013 at 07:47 PM

SAP invoice as PDF - No problem - Attaching an additional PDF - Big problem


Hi' everybody

I have spent a few hours looking into all kind of stuff, but none of it seems to answer my question.

My company sends invoices via mail where the mail i attached as an pdf, and it works just fine when the communication strategy was correctly set up.

I have a new requirement, that I am trying to solve. The business attaches different PDF-documents to the invoice as GOS-objects, and these PDF's they would like to be attached to the e-mail when we run RSNAST00

I have been making a SAT-trace today to see where I could retrieve the GOS-PDF-objects and attach these to the e-mail that is created with the pdf-invoice.

And here I am stuck - do any of you experts know how to solve this puzzle ? I have absolutely no idea where to do attatch these documents.

Am I supposed to make the changes (and which changes) in RSNAST00, our copy of RVADIN01 (old sap-script-invoice-program) or are they supposed to be created in the lower layers of the application ?

I really hopy you can help me out here :-)

Kind Regards

Peter C