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Dec 09, 2013 at 06:27 PM

Invoice Output issue in copying the Text


Hi Experts,

For Standard sales hard coded text "under Purchase and Sale Agreement # 1 as of Dec,xxth, xxxx" is copied to Invoice output.

Recently they started configuring 3rd party sales, for this sales different text"under the Agreement on the Authorized Distributorship № 004-2013 dated 01-xx-xxxx( 8o char lenth)" should be copied in voice output

For 3rd party sales Business asked us to copy the text from General data of customer (ADRCT-REMARK) into invocie output unlike hardcoded text for Standard sales.

Now the above 80 char text is text is not fitting into ADRCT-REMARK so that we can copy this into Invocie output

ADRCT-REMARK field lenth suppiting upto 45 char.

now what is the best place we can maintain the 80 char lenth text so that from there we can populate that into invoice output( for 3rd party sales).

Appreciate your help.