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Dec 09, 2013 at 06:42 PM

Problem auto logoff SAP Portal with WD ABAP events


Hi guys,

I have followed the excellent tutorial described on the follow link to set a custom auto logoff on SAP Portal when is detected an user idlleness.…

It has worked perfectly in most of situations, but in one specific it is taking in a trouble.

We have set up a timeout for user idlleness as 10 minutes. If the user logs into the SAP Portal, stay idlle for 5 minutes and start navigating on WD ABAP applications, theorically the idlle time should be restarted to 0, but it isn´t. After 5 minutes, even the user browsing on the applications, the auto logoff is executed and the user is redirected to logon page, because the 10 minutes are reached

It seems WD ABAP events don´t notify the client about the actions executed on it so javascript can´t handle this situation.

Can someone help me?