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Dec 09, 2013 at 05:53 PM

Proportional Cumulative Revaluation on Replacement Value (ANEA-AUFWV) not included in Asset History Sheet



We have a single asset covering our 2 main buildings. At the start of 2012 it was worth £45,000. During 2012 we impaired this asset by £3,327, so at the start of 2013 the Net Book Value was £41,673.

We recently sold one of the buildings and used transaction F-92 to perform a Partial Asset Sale with Customer, ending up with a journal similar to below;

DR Customer £25,232

CR Revenue £25,232

CR Asset £15,861

DR Asset £1,172

DR Revenue £25,232

CR Profit £10,543

Looking at the Asset Explorer the values look OK…

NBV – FY Start = £41,673, Change = £14,689, Year-end = £26,984

All OK so far until we run the Asset History Sheet, which shows;

Book Value FY Start = £41,673

Retirement = £15,861

Current Book Value = £26,984

When I use AB03 to look at the Asset Accounting Document, the £1,172 appears in the value adjustments section under “Reval. of repl.value” (ANEA-AUFWV)

There is no transaction type associated with entries in table ANEA so I am not sure how to get this value included in the Asset History Sheet.

Can anyone assist? Thanks.