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Dec 09, 2013 at 05:09 PM

WM Inventory Movements In and Out giving different valuations


We have a situation here in WM where an amount of material is being transferred from one bin to another. The transfer out (Mvt type 711) is not using the standard cost value for the material. The transfer in (Mvt type 712) is using the standard cost value. Standard cost for the material is 24.42/1000. The transfer out of 20,000 pieces generated a value of $487.72 while the transfer in gave $488.40. Net effect of this movement increased inventory by $0.68. Not a large increase, but it does cause a heartache in trying to explain it. Has anyone else experienced this? Where should I look to find the reason for the difference? Is it some sort of rounding issue?

Thank you for your assistance.