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Dec 09, 2013 at 02:21 PM

Error to conect dataset to crystal report file instance.


I have a .Net aplication, developed with microsoft 2010, MySQL databbase 5.5 and Crystal Reports for vs2010 (spanish). To prtint reports, the program get a dataset with data to print, but when try to conect the dataset to report, return a error. My code is:

Dim crpDataset As new dataset

Dim crpReport As New ReportDocument

'call procedure to get data to print

call datosReporte(crpDataset)

crpReport .Load("c:\core manager software\Ordentrabajo.rpt")


The error message is:

"No es posible cargar la información de la base de datos. Error en el archivo Ordentrabajo{16733AAC-BA47--47FE-BB82-0829311C536D}.rpt: No se pudo cargar la información de la base de datos.


Is not posible load the information of databse. Error in file Ordentrabajo{16733AAC-BA47--47FE-BB82-0829311C536D}.rpt: Can´t to load the informatiojn of databse.

The OS is Windows Server 2012. In other server, with Windows server 2008 work OK. Please, if any people know about this problem, thanks for you help.

Filino López