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Former Member
Dec 09, 2013 at 12:43 PM

APO DP graphic context menu not available GUI 730


Hi everyone,

has anyone noticed in APO DP in graphic mode, that the context menu that usually appears when you right click the graphic, where you can change the scale of the X Axis, is not showing in GUI 730?

Are there any patches or Notes that will correct that?

i have been looking in Service Marketplace, but i cannot find anything about it.

this problem is specific to SCM 7 i guess, because when i Set the User Parameter(user/own data/parameters), to have APO DP use the SCM 5 old graphic, i am able to right click on the graph and see the context menu.

but i let APO DP, use the new SCM 7 graphic, i encounter this problem.

I did not see this issue in GUI 720.

feedback appreciated


J.D. Loera