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Dec 09, 2013 at 01:01 PM

DB_SPLITTER_QUEUING takes long time


Dear Experts,

I need some advice for the DB_SPLITTER_QUEUING takes a long time.

Here's the scenario.

We have a master data interface that is triggered from a background job. The interface scenario is IDoc -> File. The interface could be massive as 600k files alone not summed with other interfaces that is triggered by other background job that is scheduled at the same time.

Looking at the SXMB_MONI, processing one IDoc could take 3.662 seconds.

Seeing the trace message I see the following:

- <SAP:RunTimeItem>


<SAP:Timestamp type="begin" host="host">20131209090923.973893</SAP:Timestamp>


- <SAP:RunTimeItem>


<SAP:Timestamp type="end" host="host">20131209100704.156858</SAP:Timestamp>


This interface is put to the XBTZ queue. This actually affects other interfaces too, the interface that usually takes only 1 second to finish, when the Queue is full with the interface, could take from 30 - 120 secs.

I wonder if there's any tuning that I can do about this? Another thing is that If we tune this to be faster, I afraid things will fail at the adapter engine because the outbound AE will be stormed with many files since the IE processing is faster.

Thank you,

Suwandi C.