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Dec 09, 2013 at 07:33 AM

Unable to Call Up an SPC Control Chart



I have read and gone through the help section, the manual and many posts here on SCN. So, the best way to get my query cleared is to lay out the scenario I am trying so that the experts out there can tell me what I am doing wrong or missing out. So, here goes:

  1. Created an MIC with the following control indicators and settings:
    • quantitative
    • incomplete copy model, released
    • lower spec. limit, upper spec. limit and check target value ticked
    • sampling procedure and spc chaacteristic ticked
    • single result and optional selected
    • fixed scope, no documentation
    • record measurde values, print, no formula
  2. Then I have created a sampling procedure with:
    • fixed sample
    • SPC inspection valuation type
    • without inspection points
    • sample size 20
    • shewart chart for x-bar selected (an explanation of which chart is used for what and which one in my case should be used, would be helpful, if someone can tell me)
  3. Then I make an inspection plan (task list) for a material:
    • usage 5
    • status 4
    • ceated an operation
    • in the operation I add the above MIC as inspection characteristic
    • also the above sampling procdure
    • add the upper, lower and target values (only spec limits)
    • then in the sample tab, I select master inspection characteristic as SPC criterion
  4. Then to test it out, I create an inspection lot of origin 08 in QA01
  5. Lot sizes varied from 5 to 30 etc
  6. Recorded results (single recording) in QA32
  7. Saved
  8. Now I checked the control charts in 2 ways
    1. in QA32 where I recorded the results: selected the characteristic and called the control chart. All I get is one point on the graph with a label stating the mean value of the single results I recorded. Nothing else. No chart.
    2. I go to transactions QGC2 and QGC3:
      1. specify task list type as inspection lot in qgc2
      2. status of chart as 3 as nothing shoes in the others or leave it blank
      3. execute, F8
      4. enter material number, plant, task list type Q, keydate default today
      5. when I click OK, a thing pops up with my MIC on it on a row. I select it and OK again
      6. Next screen is blank: No entries found
      7. In qgc3, I enter MIC, date range etc, hit execute F8
      8. the next screen shows like 3 rows but the message says no entries found
      9. The 3 rows say control chart number 51, 52, 53 wih the MICs and inspection lot numbers on them
      10. I select one and generate a control chart by clicking the call control chart button
      11. split screen grid opens up...shewart chartfo x-bar. blank grid. nothing on it. labeled y axis but blank x axis

Can anyone pleas let me know what I am missing or doing wrong? I really need urgent help. Thank you so much.