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Dec 09, 2013 at 06:11 AM

Errors During ETL


Hi there,

I am very new to SAP BW, and I am wondering if somebody be kind enough to give me some suggestions (step-by-step), as to how to deal with the ETL issues I am having below. I would really appreciate all the help from anyone.


Here is what I have done so far.

I have done the ETL, and monitored the results of data going into the Target InfoObject (ZBKTXT1), in the monitor; and I got few errors.

The errors appeared for the fields of my DataSource (ZBSEG_DataSource) in BI system. For those fields, I have the missing description to those fields. All the fields below (I checked a few quiet) are coming from the

Package:-FI Cross Application Object (In ABAP), when I got the technical info. on them. Not sure if it makes a different or not, but just FYI.

But, when I checked the same fields for descriptions in the Source System (R/3), they were fine, and didn't have any description missing in them.

Fields w/ missing descriptions :

TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount ; Data Type : Currency

(This above field is referencing to field : WAERS002 - Currency Key ; Data Type : Currency)

which is also there in the DataSource, in the BI System.

SHZUZ - Debit / Credit Addition ; Data Type : Character

STEKZ - Component Version Number ; Data Type : Character String

TXGRP - Group Indicator For ; Data Type : Numeric - Character String with Only Digits

XHRES - Indicator Resident ; Data Type: Character String

XFAKT - Indicator Billing D ; Data Type: Character String

XUMAN - Indicator Transfer ; Data Type: Character String

XANET - Indicator Down Payment ; Data Type: Character String

XNCOP - Indicator Items Can ; Data Type: Character String

My DataSource (ZBSEG_DataSource) is based on InfoSet Query on BSEG, and is appended with only one field coming out of Table BKPF, field "BKTXT".

In this case, do you guys recommend delete all the stuff I did in BI system, and do the following again :

1 - Replicate DataSource in BI

2- Create Transformation

3- Create Data Transfer Process

4 - Create InfoPackage

5 - Execute DTP

6- Monitor again the results of the DTP above, and cross fingers it will work ?

Also, when I enhanced my DataSource in the source system, following was the code I wrote in CMOD, which worked fine on R/3 side (I had checked in RSA3).

Code In CMOD:

DATA: l_s_ZOXID30328 LIKE ZOXID30328.

CASE i_datasource.


LOOP AT c_t_data INTO l_s_ZOXID30328.

l_tabix = sy-tabix.

SELECT SINGLE bktxt FROM bkpf INTO l_s_ZOXID30328-zzbktxt

WHERE bukrs = l_s_ZOXID30328-bukrs

AND belnr = l_s_ZOXID30328-belnr

MODIFY c_t_data FROM l_s_ZOXID30328 INDEX l_tabix.






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