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Dec 08, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Passing parameters to Design Studio on Mobi


Hi all,

I'm currently working on a project where an Xcelsius Dashboard links to detail Design studio applications.

It all works fine on the BI Launchpad, but on Mobi the DS apps open but don't take the passed parameters into account.

I'm running BOBJ 4.1, DS 1.2, and have the latest Mobi version on an iPad 2.

My dashboard basically builds an opendoc url with a selection of parameters.

The DS application has those parameters declared as url parameters and filters the displayed results based on the values passed.

Again, this works perfectly well on a desktop browser, but fails to pass the parameters on Mobi on iPad.

Basically, the drill DS report opens up successfully, but displays the default parameters, not what is supposed to be passed.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Am I missing something that needs to be configured for mobile?

As explained in it appears that apart from the few default parameters (iDocID, sIDType, sDocName, lsMxxx, lsSxxx, ..) no other parameter can be passed.

How do we pass data to Design Studio then? does it support the lsSxxx syntax? I tried a few parameters with that in mind but with no success.

In short, at this point is there *any* way to pass a parameter to a Design Studio report on Mobile?

Thanks for your help.