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Oct 18, 2005 at 02:37 AM

Lock Object: Enqueue and Dequeue



Im using VB.Net, SAP .Net to do data entry, updates to

SAP R/3.

Now, I need to lock the data during user changes on

particular documents.

What I done is I created a lock object in SE11. Then

it produce 2 functions which are the ENQUEUE and


Since the data reading from Non-SAP, I check for Allow

RFC and my lock mode is Exclusive and Cumulative.

After that, I also created a remote-enabled RFCs to be

call from VB.Net. These RFCs is calling the ENQUEUE


When I tested in SAP itself, the locking data is

working perfectly. I checked in SM12, it does shows

the locking entry.

But when I try in VB.Net and call the function

modules, it does not shows any entry in SM12. It is

like nothing happen at all.

After that, I do little test. Firstly I lock the data

from SAP then I run VB.Net, and it does shows the

message who is currently locking the data.

Anybody could help me on this?

Thank you.