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Dec 07, 2013 at 09:38 AM

Multiple releases in a year


Hello experts


I am in a project where Customer is implementing CRM, ECC

Customer has Development, ST (QA), SIT (Integration Test System), Pre-Production and Production systems

All systems has same base release across landscape i.e SAP CRM EHP3 and ECC EHP6

Requirement: Customer is planning to roll out multiple builds in a year. There could be maximum 4 builds released in a year. Along with build release they may go for version upgrade also e.g. from EHP 3 SP02 to SP05 or EHP 3 to EHP4.

Assumptions to implement any solution:

  1. Proper governance will be in place
  2. Solution manager is the only tool planned
  3. Functionalities planned CSOL, ChaRM, CCLM, DGP, Retrofit etc.

One Option which has evolved during discussion with customer is that to have multiple development system and should have one global development system where all release developments are synchronized. But since this is not SAP recommended approach and there are lots of challenges hence not proposing the same.

Another option which is SAP recommended is to propose Maintenance landscape and project landscape where from Mnt. Dev system to Proj Dev system retrofit can be used and ensure object synchronization. Here we can maintain only 2 versions (where as customer want to maintain 4 versions) and still not able to close the following point.

Query :

In a project where multiple releases planned and moved across landscape i.e. Pre-Production on Ver.1 QA on Ver.2 and Dev on Ver 3 in this case if there is some bug fix required for specific object which is available in development system with version 3 then how can we move change only specific to ver 1 across landscape which is on multiple versions?

Is there any better choice available?

Appreciate your feed back.

Thanks and Regards