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Oct 18, 2005 at 01:02 AM

Internal Service Request (ISR) using BSP entry


Hi all,

Has anyone implemented an ISR using entry via BSP? We were looking at using Adobe interactive forms for entry but there may be some security issues around enabling activeX so are looking at BSP as an alternative if adobe turns out unviable.

SAP provides an example ISR BSP - ISR_DEMO1, which is a BSP solution for scenario SH01. I’ve copied SH01 to our own scenario and changed the input type in web to be BSP using application ISR_DEMO1.

I attempted to test the BSP via our portal by setting up a BSP iview for ISR_DEMO1 and passed – SENARIO=<scenario name>&MODE=CREATE as the application parameters and start_exit as the start page.

The start_exit page loads but the next page (page1) fails with the error text - Model ISR_<scenario name> is not available

From the ABAP workbench, I can force page1 to display by using debug to set md_scenario and md_mode in page1’s initialization – so I assume I’m calling/testing the scenario incorrectly.

Is there additional configuration required to get the scenario running? Am I testing it via the correct method? or if not, how do I test the result?

I’m new to the ISR framework so am a bit in the dark and have had no joy find any ISR documentation for using BSP entry.

We were hoping to use ISR_DEMO1 as a template for any custom BSP’s (as recommended by SAP in their ISR cookbook).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.