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Dec 06, 2013 at 07:58 PM

Receiver Determination condition editor



I am having the following issue in receiver determination .

I need to check primarydocrefnum starts with 65 will go to file reciver and not start with 65 will go to IDOC . This condition is working fine with the following syntax for both the receivers

/p1:OrderResp/p1:Control/p1:DocumentIdentification/p1:PrimaryDocuRefNum[not(starts-with(.,"65"))] for idoc

/p1:OrderResp/p1:Control/p1:DocumentIdentification/p1:PrimaryDocutRefNum[(starts-with(.,"65"))] for file

I used EX for both and it worked for above conditions for respective receivers

But I need to add one more .Our sourcesystemid examplle T120-TEST

If the source systme Id ends with TEST and if satisfies first condition ,it shoudl send for the respetive receivers else ignore

I tried with following options and none of them worked



/p1:OrderResp/p1:Control/p1:DocumentIdentification/p1:[substring(SourceSystemId,6,9)="TEST"] (id may not be always 5chars before -.I just tried

I tried with single quotes also. Any other options for this.I tried with substring 5,8 also

After adding the above 2nd condition I am getting receiver could not be determined

Is there any syntax avaliable ?

Thanks for your help