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Former Member
Dec 06, 2013 at 05:42 PM

Source List & Scheduling Agreement - is this normal?


We have a scheduling agreement (ME33L) that is listed on the source list (ME03).

An analyst went into the SA & set the Delivery completed indicator to yes & hit save.

The source list was immediately set to Blocked status.

The analyst realized their mistake & changed the delivery completed indicator back & hit save.

The source list was NOT set to unblocked status.

1 - I am 99.9% certain this is standard SAP behavior - if your source of supply has expired the source list would need to be blocked - but I can't find any OSS note or documentation that says this is the case. Can anyone help me find this?

2 - our analyst is upset that when they corrected their mistake the source list did not automatically become active again - I understand it - someone needs to review these before the system says they are good again. But again - I'm not finding any documentation on this.