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Dec 06, 2013 at 03:34 PM

create sales order with EAN not working


Dear SD experts,

We need to be able to create sales orders using EAN numbers for EDI ordering. Also if certain customers order

using an EAN then SAP substitutes with a specific SAP material number.

My idea is to maintain VB13 with "Material determ.type" ZRU1 (keys: "Customer hierarchy / Material" and "Material entered"):

If the EAN is not found here then SAP would check with the other key "Material entered"


"Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Material Determination -> Maintain Prerequisites for Material Determination -> Maintain access sequences" we maintained the sequence for that:

The funny thing here is I get the warning "The field assignment has not yet been made" even though I can't find the issue here.

But now when I test it in VA01 it does not work (it works when I use SAP material 400099):

In SPRO I also maintained:

and did "Assign Procedures To Sales Document Types".

Can you please help me solving this. Thank you very much.

Best regards,



vb_13_cust_mat.jpg (51.7 kB)
access_sequ.jpg (37.3 kB)
sales_order.jpg (84.6 kB)
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