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Dec 06, 2013 at 01:12 PM

PO Item Changes After Order Acknowledgement (AB)


The vendor approves purchase orders by giving their items the confirmation "AB Order Acknowledgement".

Nevertheless, they may subsequently need to change the quantity or delivery date. Some vendors do multiple changes for a single item after the acknowledgement.

For a quick overview we want to count these changes and make the counts visible.

So far we've considered these strategies:

1) Develop a report based on purchase orders and change documents. This will be very bad performing and not support fast operational decisions.

2) Evaluate change documents periodically. Update a Z table with changes.

3) Evaluate change pointers. Update a Z table with changes.

4) Use a purchase order badi triggered by PO saving. Save counters in a Z table.

5) Consider SAP Vendor Evaluation.

Other strategies may also be considered.

Any recommendations?