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Dec 06, 2013 at 09:52 AM

Advise on how to change values in debugger


Cannot complete procedure for Copying wage type between country groupings. I have a problem that there are no model Wage types for my country grouping (LT). I found a solution to this problem, but I cannot succeed of finishing it. Here is the link to the solution. Could somebody more experienced with ABAP environment help?

I will describe in detail of what I have done:

1. I went into SE38 and set a breakpoint

2. Then I went into OH11, I have selected COPY and then my country grouping LITHUANIA. At the end of the same screen system tells " system 1 connected to Debugger'. The debugger started.

3. I then changed the value of a variable SYSTEM from CUS into SAP. I cannot find how to save it and I am not sure I can somehow save it. Can I? It is the first time I even need to work with debugger... The usual SAVE on the top of the screen does not save anything. So I do not close the debugger and try to go into OH11.

If I go to the previously opened session of OH11, I cannot do there anything because the screen is locked by the system saying that " system 1 connected to Debugger'. If I try to open another session and execute OH11 there I cannot do anything also because the tables are locked by me in the previous session.