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Dec 06, 2013 at 08:10 AM

BRFplus: Error in generated class, can not regenerate



I have a problem with my function. I can not regenerate the code. I get the message 503 FDT_CORE "Generation for *myfunctionname* failed: You may not delete or overwrite table "/FDT/4W3E5B

I can see in the log if iI check run the option for functions with errors that there are four entries in the ALV for my function.

Two of them have objectnames starting with /FDT/ (one of them is starting with /FDT/4W3E5B so I guess this is the one that the erromessage tries to highlight. The other two lines have blank object names.

If I go to SE24 I am not allowed to change or delete the classes due to namespace.

When checking syntax in the class I get an error message stating that "You may not overwrite /FDT/*longcassnamehere*=>Materialegenskaper within a loop itselt. In the code it says clear Materialegenskaper. Since the code is automatically generated from BRFplus I have no clue why this is happening...

Any suggestions what could I do?

Best regards