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Dec 06, 2013 at 06:16 AM

Multivalue error for detail variable


Hey Guys,

I am getting a MultiValue error in a detail variable column in my report. The name of the variable is "Combined BM/PE Name". Basically, I am creating a combined report from 2 reports/universes. In the "Combined BM/PE Name" (detail variable) column, I am getting values from Universe 1, but the values for Universe 2 are "MULTIVALUE". "BM/PE Name" from Universe 1 was linked to "Resource ID" from Universe 2. Thus, I merged those 2 objects and created a detail variable called "BM/PE Name - RT" (Associated dimension = Resource ID & Formula = Resource Name; both from Universe 2) to get the resulting "BM/PE Name" values for Universe 1.

Now, in the report from Universe 2, "BM/PE Name" is a variable derived from the "BPE Type" object in the same universe. The detail variable formula I created for the "Combined BM/PE Name" includes a IF Then ELSE condition for "BM/PE Name - RT" & "BM/PE Name" (Universe 2 variable). However, I am getting "Multivalue" for values from Universe 2. I've attached the snapshots below. "COSA_RT" is one of the merged dimensions. Hope I can get some help here. Thanks.