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Dec 06, 2013 at 02:18 AM

DXC Limitations and Alternates



I understand that there are some limitations in using DXC currently - like lack of support to extractors with non-cumulative KFs and generic extractors.

What is the alternate to a client who does not wish to continue having a separate BW landscape but leverage the extractors (standard and generic) nevertheless ? I understand using BODS is an alternate, but, that too has its own limitations in terms of extractor support. Pl advise.

From my reading on DXC i understand that non-cumulative KFs need a cube to function and DXC creates an IMDSO - can this not be solved by creating a Calc View on top of the IMDSO with aggregation functions defined on all dimensions. Or is there any other limitation because of which DXC does not support extractors with non-cumulative KFs ?