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Dec 05, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Vendor Cash Discount (Maximum Cash Discount)



Has anyone ever dealt with the following scenario regarding maximum cash discounts in accounts payable when processing cash discount via transaction F110?

We have two types of vendor's merchandise and non-merchandise vendors. These two groups of vendors have different rules as far as cash discounts are concerned. We have the following requirements for each:

  • For merchandise vendors we need to take the maximum cash discount and ignore the discount validity date.
  • For non-merchandise vendors we need the system to determine the validity of the cash discount payment terms.

Here is an example:

Invoice on November 1, 2013 for $1,000.00, with payment terms within 20 days 1% discount net 30 days.

Payment made on November 27, 2013.

  • If the vendor is a merchandise vendor, the payment should be for $990.00, since we want to take the maximum cash discount even after the discount date.
  • If the vendor is a non-merchandise vendor, the payment should be for $1,000.00, since the discount date has passed.

Can this be accomplished through a user exit or configuration?

We currently have the "Max Cash Discount" checked under OBVU (All Company Codes), which gives us the results we want for the merchandise vendors. But it is causing us problems with the non-merchandise vendors.

Any help would be most appreciated.




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