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Dec 05, 2013 at 02:19 PM

new PR not created with backgroup MRP process



Please guide me for the following query:

We have scheduled the MRP process in the background through transaction

code MDBT.

The parameters which were passed during the scheduling are as follows:

Plant 0002

Processing key NETCH

Create purchase req. 1

Schedule lines 3

Create MRP list 1

Planning mode 1

Scheduling 1

Planning date 05.12.2013.

Variant name:ZMRP_NEW.

For Material Code P1S002, the reorder point was set as 200 and the

Maximum Stock level was set as 500.

The Lot size is set as 'HB'.

MRP Controller is set as '001'.

MRP Type is set as 'VB'.

The stock level was '0' at the time of execution of MRP Process and two

Purchase Requisition were already created with quantity 195 but still

new Purchase Requisition was not created by the backgroup MRP process.

And the same is got created when the MRP process was run as dialog

process. Please guide me about this problem.

Thanks and Best Regards

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