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Dec 05, 2013 at 12:24 PM

ChaRM - Reset to status "In Development" while in status "imported into production"



I have a question regarding the logic behind the status flow in ChaRM (SolMan 7.1 SP10).

At a certain point, you arrive with an Urgent Change into status "imported into production". This status triggers an automatic feedback to the Request for Change to change from status "Being Implemented" to "Implemented".

However, when now it turns out that there is still something wrong in the Production system, there is the option to use the action "Reset status to "In Development"" on your change document.

But this does not give any feedback to the Request for Change, which stays in status "implemented" (or, could meanwhile even have changed to "confirmed").

This seems strange to me. Is this a mistake in the flow, or is there a logic behind it?

Any advice or clarification on this is welcome!

Kind regards,