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Dec 05, 2013 at 09:20 AM

Textflow on Masterpage


Hello Experts!

I have a problem with my form and i hope anybody have an idea and can help me.

I will try to have a flow text on my master page so that i have some informations "flowed" in the header of my page.

This header should appear on each side. I tried to solve it so, that i do not use a master page and set the header in the design view.

But if i have a page break in my form, the header don´t appears.

My interface looks like this. I have the data_combination table type which has the content of the form.

The FAUF_STRUC contains the data which is in the text flow of my form. So in the header, the variable comord_quantity should appear.

When i have 7 datasets in my data_combination, i have the data in my header for 7 pages, but if i have, through page breakes, more pages,

the data will not appear in the header anymore.

So, is it possible to have flowed text on the master page and the content of this data belongs to the flowed data on the design view?

Kind regards!


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