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Dec 05, 2013 at 07:08 AM

LC recovery



I started the recovery using backup medium ( the complete backup of PRD system to be restored on QA using max db studio recovery )

I copied backup files from PRD to QA and started recovery

LC hosts are on windows system

I see that the gui shows recovery almost finished and seen that almost all paged written however it did not come out of that screen

when I check backup log section it says below in complete recovery section

B Stamp 1 Time 00130352

DB Stamp 2 Date

DB Stamp 2 Time

Page Count 8257405

Devices Used 2

Database ID

Max Used Data Page 0

Converter Page Count 7933

*** DBA Action ends:

Timestamp: 20131204161646 State: Success

however DBM file shows below

14,The critical state 'Backup' could not be entered because T226 has already entered.

2013-12-04 18:23:42 7736 ERR -24580 DBMSrv ERR_COMMAND_FAILED: Command 'db_restartinfo' has ended and failed with return code -24988.


I tried to kill the task and restart but it could not start again and shows some another task started

Not sure if recovery finished or why it is giving me this

Same recovery has been done twice and does finished within 30 min