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Dec 05, 2013 at 06:41 AM

Formula to merge Measure objects


Hey Guys,

I posted this question a little while ago, but could not get the answer. So, I'm posting it again. I am combining 2 universes to create a combined report. Both the measure objects have "Number Data Type" in the universe. I have merged all the common dimensions in the report.

Now, the measure object from Universe 1 has been used in a Measure Variable. The variable has conditions to output some character values. I have attached the variable formula below. However, when I used "Measure 1" + Measure 2" formula for the combined column, I got correct results for Universe 1, but for Universe 2, it combined the character values from Universe 1 Measure Variable with numeric values from Universe 2. I have also attached the values below. Measure from Universe 2 does not have the variable condition.

I also tried using - If (ISNULL(Query 1.Measure) Then Query 2. Variable Measure ELSE Query 1. Measure). This resulted in displaying the Variable character values from Universe 1 for Null Values in Universe 2. How can I get the correct measure values from both universe?


Values.jpg (248.3 kB)