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Dec 05, 2013 at 05:55 AM

Performance issue with Chart component



We've an App that uses both Chart and Cross tab components and has two data sources being loaded at startup.

This app usually takes ~20seconds to load.

We're now trying to lower down the loading time of this app.

We tried to load the app by removing Chart component and could see the loading time reducing to 7 seconds.

We also noticed the size of a js file (combined_dynamic_includes_1385474457765-491295773.js) reduced to 400 kb from its initial size of 2 Mb (when loaded with Chart), thus giving us an inference that this chart component is increasing the loading time.

Could you please advise us whether the performance of the app can be increased along with the Chart component in place?

We could not go with background processing as we have only one tab.

Thanks in advance!